Below: Photos and transcripts from oral recordings taken in the 1980s by Susan Moore (transcribed by Mavis Hopkins), of Frank Evrall, born 1915 and Alma Elizabeth Evrall born 1913. 

Above: Dick Evrall, Wally Courts,(?) 4th: Les Lines, Rowland Gibson, Edgar Rice,  Sid Woodward, Harry Steeley. Mayday Celebrations, CORLEY SCHOOL 1922 

Above: Alma Elizabeth Evrall, born 1913 at Marslands Farm, Corley. (Married name: Alma Cadman). Parents: Fred Evrall and Mary Elizabeth (Mayou)

Above: Photo of Mr and Mrs Mayou, Blabers Hall, Fillongley. Parents of Elizabeth (Evrall) - connections to: Old Hall, Fillongley// Marslands Farm, Corley // Corley Windmill etc. If you have more information or photographs, please share - and contact Susan Moore email: fillongleypub @ btinternet. com 

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