OIL PAINTING OF MR KEATLEY (? Thomas or Thomas's father) Fillongley Village Blacksmith

ADA KEATLEY (nee Meek). Wife of Thomas Keatley, the village blacksmith. She ran a tea room in Ayliffe Cottage. The blacksmith's workshop was at the top of Ousterne Lane.
Arthur Keatley, son of the Thomas Keatley, village blacksmith. He realised there was no future in becoming a blacksmith, so went into farming. His story is in the book 'I Remember Strawberries & Sewage'. (£4.50 + £1.50 p&p). He farmed for many years at Red Hill Farm and sold his milk in the village. 
Wedding of Emily Daulman to Arthur Keatley. Bridesmaid - Mary Daulman. Best Man - Frank Keatley. 
Arthur Keatley. Photograph taken by Susan Moore c1985, when she was recording his memories for the book I Remember Strawberries & Sewage. 

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