1914 - 18

The August 1918 Parish Magazine had been saved by James Alan Oliver. He had lived in Fillongley up to about the age of 5, then moved to Baginton. He died 2019 aged 87. His nephew, Geoff, passed the magazine onto me, with a collection of old photographs. He had no information about the people in these photographs, so if you recognise them, please 'contact' Susan Moore.
The photographs above from the First World War are part of the James Alan Oliver Collection. He lived in Fillongley up to the age of 5, then moved to Baginton where he died aged 87 in 2019. We have no names or details of the people in these photographs. If you can identify them, please 'contact' Susan Moore.
Remembrance Sunday 1918 Fillongley. 
Remberance Sunday 
Photo Above. English Defences at Corley. Second World War.  If you have more information, please 'contact' Susan Moore
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Photograph taken 1916 to show women working in the fields while the men were away at war. Jenny Taylor, Mrs Henry Meek, Mrs William Glover, Mrs Ward, Mrs Dale. 

Remembrance Sunday November 11th, 2018. Fillongley. 

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