FILLONGLEY PUBS.  Over the years, Fillongley has had a number of different public houses.

The 'post office' was formerly the Three Horse Shoes, and before that - a blacksmiths.  Behind it, the little white cottage was also a beer house.

The BUTCHERS ARMS dates back to the 16th century.  Has closed since 2000 and is now converted to a house.  Was run by the Meek family in the early part of the 20th century.

THE MANOR HOUSE, in the centre of the village was once a 'house' and was converted into a 'pub' in the 1930's.  

THE BELL INN, in the centre of the village next to the Manor House, was a public house run by Charles Barker and then his daughter, Maud.  At the rear was a bowling green.  It was also the first post office and bank in the village.  Closed in 1930's to make way for Manor House Pub.

WEAVERS ARMS - located on the Nuneaton Road, Fillongley - still in use.  Silk weaving was done in Fillongley.  

THE COTTAGE INN - in Blackhall Lane - still in use.  

THE DURHAM OX - Broad Lane, was closed as Lord Norton complained as he did not like the miners who sat outside 'whistling' at his daughters when they passed !  

SARACENS HEAD - at Corley Ash, closed 2013.

OUTSIDE THE MANOR HOUSE - before it was a 'pub.'  TOM GILBERT (village butcher) Jane Wills. Arthur Wills. Fanny Reynolds. George Billington.

BELOW:  THE MANOR HOUSE - before it was a 'pub.'

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