Photos of Fillongley Girl's School Samplers. By the 1880s most girls went to school and were taught reading, writing, simple maths and how to knit and sew. 
Fillongley Village School
A history and memories of the school are in the book: 'I REMEMBER BARE BOTTOMS & STINGING NETTLES' £13.50. Order direct, from Susan Moore Tel. 077 45 144 922, email fillongleypub @, or from Astley Book Farm.

Memories of children who attended Fillongley School included in the book: 
Rev. David W. Barr born 1831. Helena Briggs (nee Nellie Sewell) born 1900. Beatrice Harris born 1906. Bob Scattergood born 1908. Pat Ibbotson born 1910. Dewis (Spuggy) Parkes born 1918. Connie Allinson (nee Northall) born 1917. David Ives born 1920. Vera Robinson (nee Steeley) born c1923. Joan Watts (nee Morris). Esna Balder (nee Cooke) born 1923. Francis Gordon Nightingale born 1925. Robert Seale born 1934. Graham Spencer born 1933. Teacher: Mrs Spencer nee Parker - Assistant Teacher from 1911.

Fillongley was fortunate to have a very early charity school. Ayliffe Green of Gloucester, in 1690 bequeathed land in Fillongley to pay towards the cost of a schoolmaster. Ten poor boys aged seven to fourteen were taught reading, writing and accounts, given a green suit, cap, two shirts and two pairs of shoes. Early school classrooms would be a room in a house where the master or mistress lived. 

(above) Fillongley School and headmasters house was built next to the church in the 1870s (more information in the book 'I Remember Bare Bottoms and Stinging Nettles).
(above) c1900 photo by Sidwell showing the edge of the Reading Room, Fillongley School and headmasters house. 
(above) c1930s  Fillongley School. NAMES: If you recognise any of the children, please let us know. Email fillongleypub @ or phone 07745 144 922
c1910 Fillongley Girl's School. Left: Miss Bell. Right: Headmaster Mr Kay. 
NAMES: if you recognise any of the children, please let us know. Email: fillongleypub @ or phone 07745 144 922
(above) c1910. Fillongley Girl's School. Teacher, probably Miss Bell. NAMES: If you recognise any of the children, please let us know. Email fillongleypub @ Tel. 07745 144 922
(above) c1921.Fillongley Girl's School. Centre 3rd right: Alice West. Alice Lincoln (nee West) was born in 1913 and her story is in the book: 'I Remember Strawberries & Sewage'. 
(Photo above) NOTE: Edie Stone (nee Anderton) was born in Mill Lane (now Oustern Lane), Fillongely. Alice Lincoln (nee West) born 1913. Both their stories are in the book: I Remember Strawberries & Sewage. 

(Photo above) NOTE: J. Goolding (Janet Ryder nee Goolding). Janet's story is in the book: I Remember Strawberries & Sewage.
1923, Fillongley Schoolgirls dancing at Fillongley Vicarage. 
Photo by E.A. Hicks, Nuneaton

c1910 Fillongley Girls School - Teacher Miss Bell

c1920s FILONGLEY GIRL'S SCHOOL. Back Row - far right: Florrie Peake
Fillongley School Maypole. 1948. Girl on left: Skip (Peacock). Note: Children siting round base of pole to weight it down. 
FILLONGLEY BROWNIE PACK c1955. (Names of chidlren in book 'I Remember Bare Bottoms & Stinging Nettles'. 


If you have any 'old' photographs, please contact Susan Moore Tel. 077 45 144 922

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